Saturday, May 25, 2013

Nicaragua: Chapter One

¡Beinvenidos a Nicaragua! 

We arrived Thursday night and got in pretty late. I met my Nicaraguan Mommy and my partner/roommate Charlotte and went straight to bed. 

Friday we woke up and took our Spanish placement test. My Spanish is really rusty so I am thinking I'll probably be in a lower level. Like maybe level one. Then we went home for lunch and headed back to the language school for a short orientation about the technical classes and more logistical stuff. Then we watched a traditional folklore dance which was so interesting! We then left the school and walked around town and ended up stopping at a bar for a while and then to an Internet cafe. Later we went home for dinner and hung out with the family. The family we are staying with includes one little girl who is 10 months or so and two little boys who are probably about 3 and 9 years old. They are so precious! 

Today we visited a live volcano- what? Yeah. It was pretty cool, but it was pretty smokey so we couldn't see much. They also had a lot of areas blocked off because it was unstable, but still. 
Here are some pictures. 
This was looking down into the volcano. Pretty fancy, huh? 

Later today we will probably hang around  Granada and find something cool to do. We talked about maybe going to a chocolate factory. Who knows? 

Tomorrow we are going to take a boat tour of lake Nicaragua. It has 300 or so islands throughout the lake. I'm sure that will bring some lovely pictures. We then start classes Monday morning. 8-12 is Spanish class and 1-4/5 is technical lecture and lab. I feel properly equipped to take the classes, but I know they will be challenging. We will be working hard Monday-Friday, but we will seemingly be playing pretty hard on the weekend as well. I hope to travel to some different areas of Nicaragua and stay for the weekend and make some beach trips. Part of me also kind of wants to learn to surf, not that I could really use that skill in Hilton Head. But I know it would be really cool. 

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