Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rain Makes Corn. Corn Makes Whiskey.

Well today was definitely an interesting one. 

Let me run through some highlights of the week- I made an extension cord in lab yesterday. I learned to solder today. My Spanish is slightly improving. So no complaints on any of that! Classes have been going well, and the people are still great! Our group is beyond wonderful. 

Some things as I look into the future- tomorrow is our last day of class for the week (no complaints) minus the fact that I have to give a Spanish presentation tomorrow. It won't be difficult though. Then Friday we are doing some reflection stuff and talking mainly, I think. Then Saturday we are going to the Laguna. We basically will take a bus there and pay for a day pass at one of the resorts and beach it up hand hang out all day long! Then Sunday we are planning on going to some artisan villages near Masaya because they will have good shopping and they are having some kind of horse festival? Sounds like my kind of place. Then back to class Monday. 

So now for my interesting day today. So we had class from 8 am- 4 pm which is pretty typical. Then a pretty large group of us ended up going to the nearby Internet cafe after class. We were all hanging out and talking and playing around online and then a huge storm came! It was raining so hard and lightening and thundering! It was really pretty and nice though because they have an open ceiling garden area in the middle of the building.

The rain was cooling things down and also made for some nice background noise. Until the ENTIRE room started flooding!!

We all grabbed our stuff and ran to higher ground which happened to be a staircase to someone's house I think. Whoops! But we all sat in some chairs and just hung out while the rain piled a few steps high. I sat by Akshay (dude from duke in my program) and just chatted with him and listened to music until the rain passed. Then Charlotte and I walked home in the lesser, but still present rainfall. Our family said that a few rooms in their house had started to flood too. Then we ate an amazing dinner and did homework and now in bed! 

Welcome to the rainy season mis amigos! Rain is a good thing. 

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