Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Vamos a la playa, a mi me gusta bailar!

So this past weekend a group of 13 of us went down to a surfing/tourist beach town called San Juan Del Sur. It was absolutely beautiful and we had a crazy incredible time. We got there Friday after the hospital and checked into our hostal. We had 13 people staying in two rooms of 6. So that meant someone would be cuddling. So basically we pushed two of the twin beds together and 3 of us slept there the first night. Friday we ate and went to the beach and went out at night. Then the next day basically consisted of the same but we decided to go on a two hour, sunset boat ride as well. Then Sunday we came back home. We bonded so much as a group this weekend, which makes leaving each other in two weeks really upsetting. Its amazing how quickly you can bond with people when you are thrown into such a new, different experience. Its so wonderful!!
And here is the beach (instagramed)

And Jack and Lucas after they won Rum playing cornhole.

And looking out before we left for our boat ride.

The shore from the boat.

The water again.

And the tiny cat that lived at our hotel.

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